ADD/ADHD: Classroom Management Strategies for Working with Challenging Students

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Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter(s): John Jensen, Ph.D.
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Who Should Attend? Principals, teachers, special education staff, advisors, department chairs, administrators, anyone working directly with students
Best For: K-12

The inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity of students with ADD/ADHD present constant challenges to educators. For example, a child that may be close to success in learning can hinder himself and even the whole class due to his difficulty focusing. Or a positive group activity might be derailed by the need to meet the demands of another student’s ADD/ADHD. It is crucial to understand how to identify, respond to, and manage the behavior so that it serves – rather than stifles – any student’s educational progress.

This webinar will be invaluable to staff struggling not only with groups affected by traits of ADD/ADHD, but to all staff who face any problematic student behavior. It will offer clear strategies to handle disruption and its impact on other students, will detail classroom management techniques for students affected by ADD/ADHD directly and indirectly, and will identify learning methods that benefit all students. In addition to the classroom-wide methods we’ll discuss, we will also explore unique ways to influence specific children to manage themselves differently.

Please join John Jensen, licensed clinical psychologist and education consultant, for a webinar designed to help teachers and staff manage students with ADD/ADHD. While geared specifically toward students with these traits, the techniques identified in this indispensable session will help even the most experienced educator use new approaches towards behavior management that can be applied to any difficult student or group dynamic.


A sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • How to identify ADD/ADHD
  • Strategies to manage difficult behavior in the classroom
  • How to engage parents of challenging students
  • Working with students to achieve desired behavior
  • Understanding peer influence
  • Points of special leverage for managing ADD/ADHD:
    • Importance of self-rating for self-management
    • Close emotional distance and fill stroke tank
    • How to keep the sense of success rolling
    • Achieving perfect memory even of hard material
    • Raising the emotional atmosphere
    • Enlist group influence


Your conference leader for “ADD/ADHD: Classroom Management Strategies for Working with Challenging Students” is John Jensen. John is a licensed clinical psychologist (Alaska). He has worked extensively with children whose behavior made them unwelcome in regular schools, and operated his own school for two years for such a middle and high school population. He is author of the 3-volume Practice Makes Permanent series published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2012 which describes instructional designs that can turn classrooms around or accelerate them in a few weeks. The three titles are Effective Classroom Turnaround, Teaching Students to Work Harder and Enjoy It, and Changing Attitudes and Behavior. He has conducted teacher training workshops in seven states, counseled families, and worked directly with children of all ages. QUALITY COMMITMENT

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