1. Active Shooter Preparation, Response, and Recovery

Active Shooter Preparation, Response, and Recovery

Active Shooter Preparation, Response, and Recovery
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Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter:Tony Callisto, Senior Vice President for Safety and Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Syracuse University
$299.00 On-Demand includes full audio presentation, question and answer session, and presentation slides.
Who Should Attend? Administrators, faculty, HR, student services, staff
Best For: Higher education

The potential for lone or multiple actor mass violence, often in the form of the “active shooter” has emerged as a significant enterprise risk for higher education. While these types of incidents are rare, they can happen anywhere and at any time. College campuses can be particularly vulnerable to these types of incidents due to the nature of open campus communities and regular group gatherings. Threats associated with active violence can come from internal sources or from outside that campus community. College administrators and campus law enforcement leaders have the responsibility to work to deter such violence and to lead in preparation for these types of incidents.

Please join Tony Callisto, Senior Vice President for Safety and Chief Law Enforcement Officer at Syracuse University, for a presentation focused on preparing for, responding to, managing, and recovering from an active shooter incident or other act of mass violence on a college campus.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Defining active shooter and the violent actor
  • The basics of threat assessment and management 
  • Active shooter training for campus police/campus security staff
  • Collaboration with local law enforcement
  • Proactive community presentations regarding suspicious activity reporting, emergency reporting and active shooter community response
  • Tabletop planning and interaction with constituent groups
    • leaders, instructors and facilitators roles
    • active shooter/workplace violence scenario development
    • ideas for materials in setting up an active shooter tabletop
    • active shooter tabletop agenda
    • setting the context for the tabletop exercise 
    • scenarios
    • post tabletop evaluation and after-action report
  • Recovering from an major violent incident



Your conference leader for “Active Shooter Preparation, Response and Recovery” is Tony Callisto, the Senior Vice President for Safety & Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Syracuse University. Tony manages law enforcement, security, fire safety, environmental health, emergency management, risk management, regulatory compliance, and parking and transit services. He was the University’s Chief of Public Safety from 2006-2014 and retired in 2006 from the Onondaga Sheriff’s Office (NY), as Chief Deputy Sheriff. He is a past president of the American Jail Association and of the Central New York Association of Chief of Police. He is a police instructor and is a national consultant in areas of higher education, law enforcement, corrections, labor relations and conflict resolution. He holds a BA in Criminal Justice from Columbia College of Missouri and a MA in Public Administration from Syracuse University and is an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at Columbia College.

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