1. Admissions Practices in the Post-Indictment Era: Stay Out of Court and the Headlines

Admissions Practices in the Post-Indictment Era: Stay Out of Court and the Headlines

Admissions Practices in the Post-Indictment Era: Stay Out of Court and the Headlines
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Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter: Dr. James Ottavio Castagnera, Esq., managing director of K&C HR Enterprises and legal counsel at Rider University
Price: $299.00 On-Demand includes full audio presentation, question and answer session, and presentation slides.
Who Should Attend? Administrators, attorneys, athletic staff, student counselors, faculty, human resources, PR, admissions
Best For: Higher education


The U.S. Justice Department’s largest-ever college-admissions prosecution – based on indictments of dozens of defendants under the federal racketeering conspiracy law [18 USC sec. 1962] – stunned higher ed administrators and stole the headlines, when it was announced by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts in mid-March. The headlines only got bolder, as the names of prominent Hollywood stars and other wealthy parents were revealed.

With increased scrutiny and oversight on the horizon, now more than ever, you must make sure your institution’s admissions policies are above board. But what does that mean, and where should you even start? From monitoring your athletic departments, to alumni relations… all the way to discrimination claims, standardized testing and donation dollars, now is the time to audit this ecosystem, develop policies, and implement checks and balances to stay out of trouble.

Please join university attorney Dr. Jim Castagnera, who brings 23 years of in-house experience to this important issue, for a discussion of the risks, areas of exposure, and how you should be responding now.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • What the defendants are alleged to have done wrong
  • Who has been hurt and who will probably have to pay
  • What does this portend for legacy admissions and the preferential treatment of big- donors’ children
  • The implications and potential fallout of large donations
  • Tools for identifying and preventing fraud
  • Ensuring compliance at the secondary level: preparing students, staff and parents
  • Recognizing applicants that are “too good to be true”
  • Suggestions for dealing with implicated students
  • Will the fall-out spill over into affirmative action and other “diversity” admission policies and practices?
  • Safeguards to audit and police the integrity of your admissions practices and athletic recruiting procedures
  • Whether it’s time to go SAT-optional



Your conference leader for “Admissions Practices in the Post-Indictment Era: Stay Out of Court and the Headlines” is Dr. James Ottavio Castagnera, Esq. Jim holds a JD and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University. He was a labor, employment, and intellectual property lawyer at the Philadelphia law firm of Saul Ewing for ten years before joining Rider University as associate provost and legal counsel for academic affairs. His portfolio in that capacity has included regulatory compliance and research integrity; labor relations, litigation management, and dispute resolution; human subjects research, animal facilities, and lab safety; international faculty and student issues; services to students with disabilities; academic-program development, and academic governance matters. His publications include 21 books, mostly on education and employment topics. He teaches human-resource compliance courses online for Drexel University’s law school and is the chief consultant for his company, K&C HR Enterprises/Holland Media Services.


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