1. COVID-19 And How to Balance Work And Life For Faculty: Online Training

COVID-19 And How to Balance Work And Life For Faculty: Online Training

Veteran educator and seasoned professor Dr. Robert Hill will reveal how to balance academic demands. You will learn how to be a productive faculty member while maintaining life balance.
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Recording: Online Training: Available On-Demand at your convenience
Duration: 63 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Hill

COVID-19 And How to Balance Work And Life For Faculty

College professors are experiencing previously unseen levels of occupational stress. Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic, faculty struggled to maintain a work-life balance due to the demands of:

  • High teaching loads, including planning, student assessment, and curriculum creation
  • Grant applications and funding management
  • Research, publications, and conference presentations
  • Department, college, and university obligations
  • Academic and professional organizations

This service often requires countless hours sitting in meetings and serving on committees. Additionally, professors serve as academic advisors and mentor graduate students. Technology contributes to increased stress levels, as it continually disrupts professors’ habits and routines.

You can achieve a healthy integration of your career and life. Applying proven techniques and discovering how to balance demands will enable you to reduce stress and improve results.

  • How can you effectively keep up with teaching your courses?
  • What are the best strategies to manage administrative paperwork?
  • How can you manage endless student assessment and grading?
  • When should you carve out time for academic writing?
  • How can technology help you work smarter?

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