1. COVID-19 Training For Employees: A Certificate For Healthy Workspaces

COVID-19 Training For Employees: A Certificate For Healthy Workspaces

Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer Michele Mathews will show your employees how to stay safe and reduce risk in the workplace. By registering all your employees, you can create a foundation of common practices, terminology, and documentation. And employees will feel more comfortable knowing their colleagues have received comprehensive training in safety protocols.

For groups of 500 or more please email: [email protected] for enterprise pricing.
Event ID: 2556595
Duration: 15 minutes
Presenter: Michele A. Mathews

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $16.00
10 - 19 $15.00
20 - 49 $12.00
50 - 249 $11.00
250+ $10.00

COVID-19 Training For Employees: A Certificate For Healthy Workspaces

From wiping down keyboards to taping off a six-foot perimeter around their desks, authorized OSHA outreach trainer Michelle Mathews will show your employees what they need to know to stay safe in the workplace.

By ensuring your employees follow OSHA guidelines your organization will:

  • Reduce worker absenteeism
  • Limit business interruptions
  • Help protect your organization from liability

Each employee who completes this short but information packed on-demand webinar will obtain a certificate in “Healthy Workspace Practices During COVID-19” giving you written confirmation that you are following government recommendations AND protecting your team.

This webinar is offered on demand at your employees’ convenience.

Your employees will learn how to safely:

  • Follow coughing and sneezing protocols
  • Remove masks and gloves
  • Disinfect and properly use
    • ...phones and tablets
    • ...desks and surfaces
    • ...light switches and handles
    • ...keyboards
    • ...key cards and keys
    • ...bathroom sinks and toilets
    • ...kitchens and break rooms
    • ...shared office supplies and equipment
    • ...food and office refrigerators
  • Safely conduct meetings
  • Follow additional CDC and OSHA guidance
  • And much more.

Each participant will receive a “Healthy Workspace Practices During COVID-19” certificate and a set of resources for future reference.