1. COVID-19 Training Package For K-12 Schools

COVID-19 Training Package For K-12 Schools

Eleven-part COVID-19 training series for teachers, administrators, nutrition and food service, facilities and maintenance, bus operators, parents, students grades 6-12 and students grades K-5, plus three training videos for parents and students in Spanish.

Pricing: Licensing fees are based on the total number of enrolled students in your school or district. For example, $1.63 is the cost per student for schools will less than 500 students. Please enter the total number of enrolled students as the number of attendees below. Quantity discounts will automatically apply.

Large School Districts: For districts with more than 20,000 students please email us at [email protected] for custom pricing.

Preview Videos: Click here to see all the training videos in full.

Delivery: After purchase, all files will be available for distribution via your school or district’s online training platform (i.e. an LMS such as Blackboard or Moodle).

Purchase Orders: Available for purchases greater than $100.
Event ID: 70820412

Quantity Price
100 - 499 $1.63
500 - 999 $1.57
1000 - 1999 $1.48
2000 - 2999 $1.35
3000 - 4999 $1.23
5000 - 9999 $0.89
10000+ $0.63

COVID-19 Training Package For K-12 Schools

To reopen safely, K-12 schools must provide comprehensive safety training to students, parents, teachers, and staff. To help you accomplish this, we have created 11 videos based on CDC guidance and targeted to your stakeholders:

  • Teachers (25 minutes)
  • Administrators (28 minutes)
  • Nutrition and Food Service (18 minutes)
  • Facilities and Maintenance (14 minutes)
  • Bus Operators (10 minutes)
  • Parents (5 minutes)
  • Students Grades K-5 (7 minutes)
  • Students Grades 6-12 (10 minutes)
  • Parents – Español (5 minutes)
  • Students Grades K-5 – Español (7 minutes)
  • Students Grades 6-12 – Español (10 minutes)

Safety expert Michele Mathews delivers this engaging training. All members of your school community will appreciate receiving clear information relevant to their roles. Sharing these videos will enable you to increase safety, communicate consistent protocols, and reduce liability.