1. Can Parents Sue a School If Their Child Catches COVID-19?

Can Parents Sue a School If Their Child Catches COVID-19?

Leading education law expert Richard Verstegen will help you identify the legal risks inherent in the return to school. You will learn how to protect employees and students while limiting liability.
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Date: Tuesday, August 18 3:30 PM Eastern
Duration: Scheduled for 60 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Richard Verstegen

How will you handle family lawsuits over COVID-19? Discover how to limit liability.

Imagine one of your students, Isiah, contracted COVID-19 on campus. Although a few students who sat near him tested positive, they had no significant symptoms. Isiah was not so lucky. He spent two months in the hospital, had no insurance coverage, and will have ongoing respiratory problems.

Buckling under the weight of the medical bills and reeling from seeing Isiah suffer, his parents hire a lawyer and sue your school, district, staff, administrators, and teachers. While schools cannot prevent individuals from bringing lawsuits, you can reduce risks and prepare for claims.

  • How can you identify potential claims against the school or district?
  • What role will negligence play in these lawsuits?
  • What laws apply to potential claims, including governmental immunity?
  • How can you mitigate claims?
  • What accommodations should you provide based on health conditions?

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