1. Curriculum Design In A Hybrid Environment: Online Training

Curriculum Design In A Hybrid Environment: Online Training

Nationally recognized educator Katelynn Giordano and veteran school district administrator Dr. Neil Gupta will share core essentials, technology tools, and design tips. You will learn how to create asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences.
Event ID: 2688119
Recording: On Demand
Duration: 20 Minutes
Presenter: Katelynn Giordano and Dr. Neil Gupta

Curriculum Design In A Hybrid Environment

As schools increasingly move to hybrid learning models and prepare to pivot on a moment’s notice, you need to update your curriculum. Hybrid instruction requires greater efficiency, with the same amount of content to cover in less time.

While core essential components remain the same, you must adapt your tools and instruction to craft a refined curriculum suited to a hybrid structure.

  • How should a hybrid curriculum differ from in-person and virtual models?
  • What does a hybrid lesson plan entail?
  • What steps can you take to increase efficiency?
  • How can you ensure educational standards are fully covered?
  • What technology can help you deliver hybrid instruction?

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