Dealing with Challenging School Board Members: Strategies to Reduce Conflict and Encourage Compliance

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CD Only                 $349.00 includes recorded presentation, slides, and Q&A
Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter(s): Richard F. Verstegen, partner, Boardman & Clark LLP
Price: $349.00, CD includes full audio presentation, question and answer session and presentation slides. CD subject to a $5.95 handling charge.
Who Should Attend? Administrators, district legal counsel, staff, board members, principals, superintendents
Best For: K-12

Ask any administrator to list the challenges she faces on the job, and working with the school board will almost always top the list. Thankfully, “good boards” are the rule rather than the exception. However, even “good boards” sometimes (and seemingly more often lately) have challenging members that must be dealt with from legal, cultural, policy, and boardsmanship perspectives. Although board presidents are often tasked with the role and obligation of addressing issues of board member conduct, district administration, particularly the superintendent, plays a vital role in collaborating with the board president in such initiatives. This presentation will provide strategies to district administration for dealing with board members who may have conflicts of interest, ethics issues, “lone wolf” syndrome, inappropriate meeting conduct, confidentiality breaches, micromanagement tendencies, among other challenges. Recalcitrant board members with respect to sunshine laws (open meetings and public records) will also be discussed.

Please join attorney Richard Verstegen for a webinar that will help frontline staff, administrators and school board members understand how to better work together, reduce conflict, establish clearer policies and facilitate a smoother working relationship for all parties involved.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Understand a board member’s fiduciary duty to the school district.
  • Learn about conflicts of interest that may impact a board member’s role in the school district and how it impacts voting.
  • Review various boardsmanship issues, including formulating an agenda, supporting the majority opinion of the board, and identifying the board’s role in complaints.
  • Consider various policy strategies, parliamentary procedures, and actions for ensuring board member compliance.
  • Discuss various issues related to First Amendment rights of school board members and consider the implications for your district.


Your conference leader for “Dealing with Challenging School Board Members: Strategies to Reduce Conflict and Encourage Compliance” is Richard F. Verstegen, partner, Boardman & Clark, LLP, Madison Wisconsin. Rick’s practice focuses in all areas of school law, including constitutional law, civil rights, student issues, privacy and technology issues, student safety, and many other issues. He advises school administrators and represents school boards on these matters, drafts and negotiates contracts, prepares opinions, analyzes legislation and school board policies, and provides other legal services. Rick also has extensive experience on matters involving labor relations, employment law, contracts, handbooks, anti-discrimination law, workplace bullying and harassment, wage and hour laws, hiring, background checks, drug testing, family and medical leave, unemployment compensation, and workplace investigations. Rick has published many articles on school and employment law related topics and has participated in seminars and presentations on these topics as well. He is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, is the President of the Wisconsin School Attorneys Association, and is admitted to practice before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. He earned his JD degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School. QUALITY COMMITMENT

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