1. Handling Hazing: An Ugly Tradition that Continues to Kill and Wound

Handling Hazing: An Ugly Tradition that Continues to Kill and Wound

Event ID: 2199585
Duration: 85 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. James Ottavio Castagnera, , Ph.D. and Attorney at Law
Credits: Certificate of Attendance

Handling Hazing: An Ugly Tradition that Continues to Kill and Wound

American higher education’s first recorded hazing death occurred at Kentucky’s Franklin Seminary in 1838. Since then hundreds more college students have died in hazing incidents. Thousands more have been physically and/or mentally damaged. HazingPrevention.org lists the following common consequences of hazing:

  • Physical, emotional, and/or mental instability
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Loss of sense of control and empowerment
  • Decline in grades and coursework
  • Relationships with friends, significant others, and family suffer
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Loss of respect for and interest in being part of the organization
  • Erosion of trust within the group members
  • Illness or hospitalization with additional effects on family and friends

The consequences for those who engage in hazing are no less severe. Suspension and expulsion, as well as civil and criminal legal liability, are all likely outcomes of hazing gone amuck.

Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera, Esq., who brings 35 years of higher education administrative and teaching experience, for a timely webinar that will help you prevent and manage hazing on your campus.

Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • What is hazing and how does it relate to the broader phenomenon of bullying?
  • What are the common consequences of hazing for victims and perpetrators?
  • The legal landscape, including typical state statutes, as well as recent prosecutions and civil suits
  • What higher education institutions can do and what leaders in the field are doing
  • How to tap into available hazing-prevention resources
  • Crisis management tips and tactics to get your university out in front of hazing-related publicity


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