1. How To Get Started With Zoom: Online Training

How To Get Started With Zoom: Online Training

Digital classroom expert Kevin Klott will help you get started with Zoom. This meeting technology will help you take a step closer to connecting with students. Unlike most online Zoom tutorials, this unique presentation focuses specifically on how educators can use this flexible tool to enhance instruction.

All participants will receive a certificate confirming your attendance and valuable Zoom skills.
Event ID: 2650691
Recording: On Demand
Duration: 17 Minutes
Presenter: Kevin Klott

How To Get Started With Zoom

Schools are increasingly using Zoom for remote full-class instruction and one-on-one video office hours. This technology can help you engage students, forge personal connections, and confirm understanding.

By mastering Zoom basics and receiving a certificate confirming your knowledge, you will help your students and further your career. Using Zoom, you can schedule meetings, show video of yourself, share your screen, and create virtual breakout rooms.

  • How can you log in to Zoom and schedule meetings?
  • How should you use the chat features?
  • What are the best practices for audio and video sharing?
  • What settings should you customize?
  • How do breakout rooms work?
  • How can you change your background?
  • How can you share your computer screen and audio?

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