1. Intellectual Property: How to Get the Most out of a Key Asset

Intellectual Property: How to Get the Most out of a Key Asset

Event ID: 2201706
Duration: 90 Minutes
Presenter: James Ottavio Castagnera, Ph.D. and attorney at law
Credits: Certificate of Attendance
For institutions of higher learning, proper management of intellectual property (I.P.) can help attract and retain top faculty while also furthering the institution’s finances and mission. Poorly executed I.P. policies, however, can lead to headaches and lost opportunities. Join leading I.P. expert and author of twenty books, Dr. James Ottavio Castagnera as he guides you through different I.P. types and reviews legal and practical steps for your institution to protect ownership of one of its most valuable assets.

When it comes to your institution's financial health, intellectual property related to teaching, grantsmanship and research can and should be of paramount concern. But new technologies for delivery of instruction requires significant front-end investment and substantial ongoing support from the institution, especially as traditional, laissez faire customs concerning ownership of intellectual property become obsolete. And in the research realm, the artifacts of the creative process -- scientific inventions, business and technology processes, and artistic productions -- may be invaluable to the organization provided the institution has a legally enforceable interest up front and a technology transfer function on the back end. In short, there is a lot to cover.


Just a sampling of topics Dr. Castagnera will address:

  • The basics of IP: patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.
  • Competing rights of tenured faculty and their institutions.
  • Essential university policies.
  • Contractual considerations and model provisions.
  • Vehicles of technology transfer.
  • Procedures for partnering with third parties for delivery of instruction.
  • How to protect the institution's brand: athletics and beyond.
  • The place of government grants in the IP mix.
  • And much more!