1. K-12 Best Virtual Teaching Practices: Creating Digital Learning Environments

K-12 Best Virtual Teaching Practices: Creating Digital Learning Environments

Dr. Ben Johnson will guide you in this new territory of digital teaching. You will learn how to focus on the critical elements of working with parents as true partners and utilizing digital resources in accelerating learning.
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Recording: On Demand
Duration: 42 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Ben Johnson

Excel at digital teaching. Learn practical techniques to embrace online instruction.

Now teachers must support the digital learning platform that their district and administrators have set up. The role of the school educator is extending into the home like never before. You need to embrace this change to maintain your relevance and continue to support students.

In many ways, you are becoming an education manager rather than an in-your-face practitioner. You need to support, encourage, and sustain parents in their roles as at-home educators. At the same time, it is essential to provide classroom-equivalent learning opportunities through digital means.

  • How can you deal with the digital divide?
  • What resources are available to help educators with online teaching?
  • What techniques will create effective learning for all ages?
  • What strategies can help with pre-literate students?
  • How can you support special population students?
  • How can you sustain parents in providing education at home?

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