1. Managing Campus Dissent in This Age of Student Activism and Political Controversy

Managing Campus Dissent in This Age of Student Activism and Political Controversy

Managing Campus Dissent in This Age of Student Activism and Political Controversy
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Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter: James Ottavio Castagnera, Ph.D., attorney at law
Price: $299.00 On-Demand includes full audio presentation, question and answer session, and presentation slides.
Who Should Attend? Administrators, faculty, staff, higher education counsel
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The headlines say it all. “Protests on ***** campus as controversial speaker gives speech” (November 1, 2017); “Universities face rising security costs for controversial speakers” (CNN, October 31, 2017); “College administrators: no easy answers for controversial speakers” (Inside Higher Ed, November 14, 2017); “Signs accusing students of rape plastered on ***** campuses” (November 10, 2017); “DeVos assailed by protesters at college campuses in Boston” (Washington Post, September 28, 2017).

If your university has dodged these bullets so far, now is not the time to sit back and relax. To the contrary, as the spring 2018 semester looms ahead, this is the right time to plan for the next wave of controversy, which just might sweep up your institution. The lines of defense are many and complex. They call for teamwork among top administrators, legal counsel, public safety, university relations, and student-life professionals. Absent thoughtful, thorough, and sensitive advanced planning, there’s little hope of avoiding such headlines.

Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera for a very timely webinar that discusses your own state of readiness as you prepare for the next unforeseen crisis looming around the corner.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • How to balance free speech/academic freedom with legitimate campus safety concerns
  • Taking the temperature of the campus climate to identify the issues nearing a boiling point
  • Responding to acts of vandalism, sexism and racism with effective, timely and sensitive communications, investigations and adjudications
  • Managing student protests in the wake of a high-profile incident
  • Practical plans and tactics for responding to audience disruption of controversial speakers
  • Keeping controversial campus visitors safe and venues secure
  • Channeling protest into manageable directions


Your conference leader for “Managing Campus Dissent in This Age of Student Activism and Political Controversy” is Dr. James Ottavio Castagnera, Esq. Dr. Castagnera holds a JD and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University. He spent 10 years as a labor, employment and IP lawyer with the major Philadelphia law firm Saul Ewing, before entering higher education. For the past 22 years he has been legal counsel and associate provost at a central New Jersey university. He also is the principal consultant and co-owner of K&C HR Enterprises/Holland Media Services, which provides writing, educational and consulting services to its clients, primarily in business and employment law, higher education/nonprofit law and policy, and enterprise risk management.

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