PTAs, Booster Clubs, Foundations, and Charitable Gifts: How to Avoid Legal Liability and Make the Most of Community Support for Your School

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On-Demand (OD)     $299.00
Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter(s): Erin D. Gilsbach, Esq., Steckel and Stopp
Price: $299.00 On-Demand includes full audio presentation, question and answer session, and presentation slides.
Who Should Attend? K-12 administrators, district legal counsel, principals, counselors, coaches, board members, superintendents, teachers, PTO members, volunteers
Best For: K-12

More than ever, schools rely upon the generosity, support, and assistance of 3rd-party nonprofit groups like PTAs, Booster Clubs, Foundations, and corporate and individual donors to help fund and operate important school programs. But what happens when a 3rd-party group violates the law? While the benefits of these organizations are immeasurable in times of financial hardship, public schools need to consider the potential liability of their affiliations. Can a public school be held responsible for the mistakes and misdeeds of these groups? What can schools do to limit legal exposure while still taking advantage of the benefits of these relationships?

Please join Atty. Erin D. Gilsbach, an expert in public school law and policy development, as she provides real-life examples of instances of misconduct on the part of members of nonprofit groups and the impact that those misdeeds had on the schools that they serve. She will discuss what schools need to do to protect themselves from liability and what policies and procedures should be put into place to minimize legal exposure. She will also provide tips, tools, best practices, and guidance for schools regarding how to effective regulate and restrict the actions of these 3rd-party groups while maintaining positive and productive relationships with them.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Common ways that booster clubs, foundations, and other 3rd-party organizations can cause legal liability for the schools that they serve;
  • The importance of moving from Board “approval” of booster clubs and other 3rd-party groups to “recognition” (and what you need to know to make the change);
  • Legally-defensible practices and procedures regarding school district acceptance of gifts, donations, awards, and sponsorships;
  • Practical, easy-to-implement procedures that can significantly reduce a school’s risk of liability;
  • Techniques, tools, and tips for school administrators to use when training their staff members;


Your conference leader for “PTAs, Booster Clubs, Foundations, and Charitable Gifts: How to Avoid Legal Liability and Make the Most of Community Support for Your School” is Erin Gilsbach. An experienced speaker at the state and national levels on issues regarding education and education law, Erin Gilsbach is an attorney with the Pennsylvania-based law firm of Steckel and Stopp and the president of the PSBA Solicitors Association. She is dedicated to providing quality professional education in the area of school law to educators and school leaders. Throughout her career, she has provided legal representation and/or professional development to over 150 Pennsylvania schools. In her practice, Erin Gilsbach emphasizes a proactive approach to legal defensibility for schools by providing engaging and high-quality professional development trainings for educators and school leaders in the area of school law. In addition, she helps schools create procedures, administrative regulations and board policies that are not only compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements but that also anticipate the best practices and common pitfalls found within the facts of applicable caselaw.

Erin Gilsbach has been voted a Rising Star Attorney by her peers in Super Lawyers and Philadelphia Magazine for the past five years, and she is a frequent presenter with the National Business Institute, the Education Law Association, the National School Boards Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and at numerous conferences held at universities throughout the state. She began her career as a public high school English teacher. Prior to private practice, she served for over two years at the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Office of Chief Counsel. QUALITY COMMITMENT

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