Teacher Evaluation, Discipline, and Termination: How to Handle Issues Lawfully and Avoid Liability

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CD Only                $349.00 includes recorded presentation, slides, and Q&A
Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter(s): Richard F. Verstegen, partner, Boardman & Clark LLP, Madison, Wisconsin
Price: $349.00, CD includes full audio presentation, question and answer session and presentation slides. CD subject to a $5.95 handling charge.
Who Should Attend? K-12 administrators, human resource directors, principals, and district legal counsel
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School districts rely heavily on professional staff to provide quality education to students in the district. In most instances, professional staff members provide services in an exemplary manner. However, in some instances, school district officials must intervene to address situations where professional staff are not providing quality services or are otherwise not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. In these instances, school districts must follow certain steps to ensure that any evaluation, discipline, or possible termination is lawful. Such steps may be dictated by board policies or procedures, employee handbook provisions, individual contracts, state or federal laws, or constitutional provisions. Because of the myriad of legal issues that may arise, it is important for school districts to identify these issues prior to taking any adverse action against the teacher at issue.

Please join Rick Verstegen for a presentation that will explain the important legal issues impacting teacher evaluation, discipline, discharge, and nonrenewal, and will provide practical solutions on how to skillfully avoid any legal or political issues that may arise.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Understand the various constitutional provisions applicable to investigation, discipline, and termination of teachers, including substantive and procedural due process issues, speech issues, and self-incrimination issues.
  • Learn how to properly evaluate teachers and implement performance improvement plans to address any performance concerns, in order to successfully proceed with any nonrenewal for performance concerns.
  • Review elements of impermissible reasons for discharge of teachers, including the right to engage in concerted activity and rights under various anti-discrimination laws.
  • Understand the impact of various standards that may impact discipline or discharge, including standards such as just cause, good and sufficient reason, or arbitrary and capricious.
  • Consider various practical pointers in resolving such discipline or performance issues, including last chance agreements or resignation agreements.


Your conference leader for “Teacher Evaluation, Discipline, and Termination: How to Handle Issues Lawfully and Avoid Liability” is Richard F. Verstegen, partner, Boardman & Clark, LLP, Madison Wisconsin. Rick’s practice focuses in all areas of school law, including labor and employment, constitutional law, civil rights, student issues, privacy and technology issues, student safety, and many other issues. He advises school administrators and represents school boards on these matters, drafts and negotiates contracts, prepares opinions, analyzes legislation and school board policies, and provides other legal services. Rick also has extensive experience on matters involving labor relations, employment law, contracts, handbooks, anti-discrimination law, workplace bullying and harassment, wage and hour laws, hiring, background checks, drug testing, family and medical leave, unemployment compensation, and workplace investigations. He also represents school districts at hearings before state and federal agencies and state courts, including wage claims, unemployment hearings, collection matters, and discrimination complaints. Rick has published many articles on school and employment law related topics. In addition he has participated in seminars and presentations dealing with school, labor, and employment related topics. He is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin and is the President of the Wisconsin School Attorneys Association, and is admitted to practice before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. He earned his JD degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

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