1. Title IX Bootcamp for Higher Education (With Updates): Four Session Series

Title IX Bootcamp for Higher Education (With Updates): Four Session Series

Education law expert Richard Verstegen will help you identify the critical implications for these new rules on your college or university, including adopting appropriate policies, training Title IX coordinators, and incorporating proper investigation techniques.
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Date: Monday, November 9, 2020 - Tuesday, November 10, 2020 & Thursday, November 12, 2020 - Friday, November 13, 2020; 1 PM Eastern
Duration: Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Richard F. Verstegen, partner, Boardman & Clark LLP, Madison, Wisconsin
Credits: Certificate of Attendance

Title IX Bootcamp for Higher Education (With Updates)

The Department of Education issued the new Title IX regulations on May 6, 2020, over a year after the proposed rules. The new rules will become effective August 14, 2020 and will have a significant impact on higher education institutions for the 2020-2021 academic year.

You will need to revise handbooks, policies, and procedures. If the closure of schools continues into the next academic year, it will be necessary to consider how the new rules may apply in a virtual learning context.

Sign-up now for our information-packed, four-session webinar series to learn about the extensive and complex new Title IX standards and grievance procedures.

Session 1

Title IX Procedural Requirements, Defining Sexual Harassment, and Obligations to Respond

Monday, November 9

1 PM Eastern; 12 PM Central; 11 AM Mountain; 10 AM Pacific

  • Learn about the history, purpose, and scope of Title IX.
  • Know the procedural requirements, including designating a Title IX Coordinator, adopting grievance procedures, and disseminating a notice of non-discrimination.
  • Identify sexual harassment under the new definitions, including identifying when a hostile environment may be present (for both students and employees).
  • Learn about the scope of the institution’s education program or activity.
  • Understand when an institution has actual knowledge of sexual harassment.
  • Know the obligations of an institution to respond and what is meant by deliberate indifference by a school in responding to sexual harassment.

Session 2

Addressing and Investigating Allegations of Sexual Harassment under Title IX

Tuesday, November 10

1 PM Eastern; 12 PM Central; 11 AM Mountain; 10 AM Pacific

    • Know the requirements to provide supportive measures in the absence of a formal complaint.
    • Identify the process for a formal complaint, including the definition of the complainant and the filing of the claim.
    • Know the requirements for emergency removal of a student or leave for an employee, dismissal of a complaint, and possible informal resolution.
    • Learn the role of an investigator in conducting an investigation, including interviewing witnesses, assessing credibility, and considering issues of relevance to create an investigation report.
    • Understand the requirements of a grievance process, including standards of evidence and timelines for conclusions.

    Session 3

    Finalizing the Investigation and Making Decisions on Responsibility under Title IX

    Thursday, November 12

      1 PM Eastern; 12 PM Central; 11 AM Mountain; 10 AM Pacific

      • Discuss sexual harassment scenarios through the final investigation and decision-making process.
      • Learn about the requirements related to completion of the investigation report.
      • Understand the role of the responsibility decision-maker, including issues of relevance of questions and evidence, use of technology, and written determinations.
      • Identify the requirements related to procedures for decision-making, with or without a live hearing.
      • Know the obligations of a decision-maker in issuing a written determination.

      Session 4

      Considering Other Issues Related to Title IX Sexual Harassment, Including Appeals of Decisions

      Friday, November 13

        1 PM Eastern; 12 PM Central; 11 AM Mountain; 10 AM Pacific

        • Discuss sexual harassment scenarios through the appeal process.
        • Understand the appeal process on formal complaints.
        • Identify various record-keeping requirements under the new rules and other best practices related to records.
        • Know about the restrictions on retaliation and confidentiality related to sexual harassment under Title IX.
        • Learn about drafting effective policies to address Title IX issues.
        • Understand other legal issues, including First Amendment and student records concerns that may arise during such Title IX matters.
        • Review other complaints that may be brought after an investigation by the institution, including a complaint with the Department of Education.

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