1. Virtual Classroom Management: Online Training

Virtual Classroom Management: Online Training

Nationally recognized educator Katelynn Giordano and veteran school district administrator Dr. Neil Gupta will share practical strategies, tools, and tips to set expectations and address behaviors as they arise. You will learn how to build positive relationships with your students online.
Event ID: 2694126
Recording: On Demand
Duration: 29 Minutes
Presenter: Katelynn Giordano and Dr. Neil Gupta

Virtual Classroom Management

Keeping students engaged when they are in the same room is challenging enough. Uncontrolled distractions, varying connectivity levels, and equipment glitches can make it almost impossible in an online environment.

You need to overtly plan and implement classroom management strategies for a virtual, remote setting. Defining practices and gaining student buy-in now can lead to success for the rest of the school year.

  • What techniques keep students engaged in an online class?
  • How can you keep student interactions on-task?
  • How can you reduce distractions?
  • How should you handle students who cause disruptions?
  • What are the best tactics to connect with students individually?

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